What do you need to buy and rent?


What do you need to buy and rent? Whether you buy or rent a home, you acquire commitments, such as the monthly rent or mortgage payment. Here are some of the common requirements whether you buy or rent: You have to foresee that you will have the necessary money month by month, since you cannot miss any monthly payment. You have to show that you have job stability. You have to show that you have a fixed and stable monthly income. You have to present references on the fact of being a good payer. BUY RENT Let?s see the main reasons that can drive you to choose to buy a home: It gives you security to own a property. You can leave it as an inheritance. You can enjoy it whenever you want. You have savings: you have at least 30% of the cost of the apartment for pre-purchase expenses: the notary, taxes, registration ... Because you want to invest your savings in real estate, which is more profitable than other banking products. Because homes have dropped in price. Because you can find apartments at a good price in coastal or mountain areas. Because you can get an economic return: put the property up for rent, thus amortizing the mortgage and keeping the property.

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