Buying a property in Spain can be complicated and risky for nonresident foreigners. SpainShopper knows how to buy a house in Spain being nonresident and takes care of all those details that can be difficult to dominate when one is in an unknown country, does not speak its language, and wants to buy property in Spain, offering to a customer an efficient, effective and friendly treatment from the very first day.

  • We help you find and buy property in Spain.
    We search for you the properties on the Costa Blanca, Alicante, Spain with the features you need, both residential (apartments, houses, villas) and commercial (cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc.) and also plots and farm land for sale in Alicante or in any other city of Spain.

  • in Spain.
    We oversee every aspect of the property sales in Spain for foreigners. We provide all the necessary information concerning the public writ, and the rules and tax requirements to be met. We facilitate contact with both legal and tax authorities, responsible for managing all customer paperwork. We organize and carry out all necessary formalities for signing the contract, including providing an interpreter in your language.

  • Personal Property Shopper Services

    • DEDICATION: SPAINSHOPPER REAL ESTATE PERSONAL SHOPPER works not for the seller as everyone else, but for the BUYER, defending only his interests, not those of any agency or particular. We work as if the search would be made for us.
    • PERSONALIZATION: We seek desired property for you in a personalized way. Don’t be satisfied by visiting properties some particular agency offers to you. Define your dream property to us and we will look for it wherever it is, even if it is not on sale yet.


    • TIME: Define the property of your dreams and forget the rest. We take care of everything, until the signing of the purchase agreement, WITH TOTAL CONFIDENCE. Do not waste time searching, visiting, with paperwork ... We will present you a screened dossier rejecting previously the properties that don’t fulfill ALL your expectations.
    • MONEY: Agencies will charge everything to the buyer (between 3 and 5%). We're going to charge only 1.5% (expenses included).
    • CONFIDENTIALITY: No one will know your identity if you desire. We represent you in all.
    • NEGOTIATION: not only we charge less, but now with the ESTATE RECESSION it is the best time to NEGOTIATE. We are expert negotiators to get substantial discounts on the initial price.
    • MINIMIZE RISKS: We FIND OUT if there are problems related to the process of buying property in Spain or if they may arise with municipalities, community neighbors. We know by experience that these aspects can give you serious troubles.
    • EXCLUSIVITY: we NEVER accept another request till first closing yours one. One request for every agent until the client gets SATISFIED. Exclusive dedication searching ideal property on the Costa Blanca for your.
    • TRANSPARENCY: In the whole process, RELIABILITY AND HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS. We want to be a leader in real estate and we want to be RECOMMENDED for a well done job.
  • Inspection Trip
    SpainShopper organizes an Inspection Trip both in the Costa Blanca and in whole Spain, where customers have the opportunity to know the area and learn about the possibilities of buying a vacation home in Costa Blanca or a magnificent house habitual residence. Our representative will meet with the client at the airport, accompany him and show him all the properties of interest. We also offer information on all practical and useful aspects than any newcomer needs to know.

    To schedule a visit, please complete the form and shortly we will contact you so you can tell us about the type of home you are looking for and discuss possible dates for your personal tour.


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  • After-sales service
    From purchasing to delivering of property in Spain.
    The work of other companies finishes once you have bought the property, in SpainL€ss, after buying the home stats new stage of our relationship with the client; you will receive a level of personal service difficult to find in other companies. We accompany you while waiting, promptly informing you about the progress of your home in Spain, we will advise and guide you at the time of delivery and we’ll help you to establish yourself in your new home checking that everything is according to your expectations.

    Personal Assistant.

    Once the customer decides to buy a house in Spain, a personal assistant is assigned to him; this personal assistant is always available to solve problems or questions about your home and make the delivery process as simple as possible.

    After-sales service and delivery

    These are some of the many services offered by SpainL€ss after you buy your property:

    -Personal assistant manager in charge of your property
    -Internet access to the construction progress
    -A budget of the requested reforms
    -Assistance obtaining a mortgage
    - hotel booking during the delivery period
    -Appointment and accompaniment to the notary
    -Help buying furniture and appliances
    -Help with water and electricity contracts
    -Help with home insurance
    -General Assistance and Advice
    -You can trust SpainShopper from the beginning to the end.

  • We request NIE for nonresident foreigners.
    To buy a property in Spain a nonresident foreigners must obtain NIE (Foreigner Identification Number). This is a personal number, unique and of an exclusive sequential nature and it is essential for any kind of economic transaction in Spain (from opening a bank account to buy a house).

  • We facilitate bank account opening.
    It is not mandatory to have a bank account in Spain for non-residents, but highly recommended. All taxes and expenses associated with buying a home in Spain (VAT in case of new homes, residences ITP if second hand properties, notary fees, registration and management, as well as property tax and garbage fee) must be paid in Spain and the fact of posessing a bank account facilitates the process.

  • We provide and manage housing financing in Spain.
    We help manage a mortgage in a Spanish bank to nonresidents who buy a house in Spain, and we keep them informed of the bank's decision. Spanish banks offer financing to foreigners resident in Spain without any problems with an Euribor interest rate of +2% and up to 60% of financing loan. The loan amortization period is 30 years with a formalization fee of 1%. But as SpainShopper collaborates with Banco Santander, our nonresident customers have access to the same mortgages that are offered to nationals. Financial conditions also are the same as those that applied to Spanish citizens: the Euribor interest rate of +1.25%, maximum 80% of the financing and maximum loan amortization period of 30 years. The bank will also consider the applicant's employment stability and his level of indebtedness.

  • We facilitate Visas and Residence Permits.
    If you buy property in Spain you can get a Schengen visa for one year. This means that you can stay in Spain 180 days a year, or more precisely 90 days every six months. You will be able to cross freely the border of any country of Schengen space.

    After purchasing the property in Spain, we facilitate obtaining an extract from the Property Register (nota simple) for visa application and consult the options of obtaining residence permits in Spain for the whole family.

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